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Battlefield Lessons from the Swashbuckling Irregular Warfare of the Early American Navy

Benjamin Armstrong, Small Boats and Daring Men: Maritime Raiding, Irregular Warfare, and the Early American Navy (University of Oklahoma Press, 2019)   As a simple lesson in mission command, new lieutenants and sergeants could certainly do worse than A Message to Garcia. Given ambiguous orders by President William McKinley to find Cuban insurgent leader Calixto Garcia, Lt. Andrew Rowan “landed off the coast of Cuba from an open boat, disappeared into the jungle, and in three weeks came out the other side of the island . . . having delivered his letter to Garcia.” Rowan’s orders enable “disciplined initiative in accomplishment” of his commander’s...

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War Books: Want to Be a Better Military Leader? Learn to Negotiate

Military leaders negotiate. Whether coordinating use of a range, hashing out authorities for a combined task force, or devising a way out of Syria, military leadership at all levels requires negotiation. As such, Army leaders would benefit from understanding four particular negotiation concepts: interests, no-deal options, “away from the table” moves, and integration with national strategy. Understanding counterpart interests is fundamental to successful negotiation. In Afghanistan, each nation in the International Security Assistance Force came with its own national caveats—restraints put on military forces. Leading combined operations sometimes required negotiation with our counterparts around their interests. Interests also help...

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MWI’s Top 18 Articles of 2018

We’ve seen 2018 through to a close and welcomed in 2019, which makes it a great time to look back at the top articles we’ve published at MWI in the past year. It was a great twelve months for us, and we’re deeply appreciative of all of the readers who have read, discussed, and shared the content we work hard to produce. We’re also grateful to all of the authors who have sought out MWI to publish their original, insightful, and thought-provoking work. One of the challenges we have is conceptualizing our area of focus. After all, what, exactly,...

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The Army’s New Physical Fitness Test Has One Really Big Problem. Here’s a Solution.

Earlier this year, the Army laid out its plans for the new physical fitness test it plans to implement by 2020—the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT). The strongest argument in favor of the new test is that high correlations between the ACFT exercises and the demands of ground combat should force units to better train soldiers. Still, it has generated considerable debate. Some argue this shift in training culture will decrease injuries, while others worry these new exercises may injure poorly trained soldiers. Moreover, fielding the new test will cost about $30 million. And problems may be magnified in...

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Class of 2006 War Studies Conference – November 2018

Class of 2006 War Studies Conference Potential Disruptors of the ‘American Way of War’ The Modern War Institute hosted its third annual Class of 2006 War Studies Conference in November 2018. Over three days at the United States Military Academy at West Point, the conference brought together distinguished representatives from the private sector, government, academia, the think-tank community, and the joint military services to debate and discuss issues related to modern war and warfare. This year’s conference explored the issue of next-generation warfare and potential disruptors to the “American way of war.” On this page, you can find videos of keynote speakers and panel discussions, links to the conference program and post-conference report, detailed descriptions of each of the conference’s five panel discussions, and a list of conference participants. Official Conference Registration Book Click to view Official Conference Report Click to view Conference Videos Keynote Addresses Emerging Technologies and Megatrends Affecting Military Effectiveness Speakers Assistant Secretary of the Army Bruce Jette Former Assistant Attorney General for National Security John Carlin Moderator Dr. Nina Kollars, US Naval War College Click to watch Can ‘Deep Thinking’ Defeat Tomorrow’s Adversaries? Speaker Garry Kasparov Moderator Mr. Nicholas Schmidle, The New Yorker Click to watch How Geography Will Reshape Great Power Conflictn Speaker Mr. Robert Kaplan, author of The Revenge of Geography Moderator Mr. Jonathan Tepperman, Foreign Policy Click to watch Spurring Innovation between the...

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