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Dan Maurer

MWI Non-Resident Fellow Dan Maurer is an active duty Judge Advocate and former combat engineer officer, with service in Iraq during Operations Iraqi Freedom I and New Dawn, as well as in Italy, Africa, and varied stateside assignments. He was the first military or civilian lawyer to be selected as a Strategy Fellow for the Army chief of staff’s Strategic Studies Group, and has served as a prosecutor, appellate counsel, chief of military justice for a large Midwestern installation, and chief of operational law for an Army Service Component Command/Theater Army. Dan is the author of Crisis, Agency, and Law in US Civil-Military Relations (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017), Clash of the Trinities: a New Theoretical Analysis of the General Nature of War (US Army War College, Strategic Studies Institute Press, 2017), a chapter about civil-military relations theory in Strategy Strikes Back: How Star Wars Explains Modern Military Conflict (Potomac Books, 2018), and several peer-reviewed law review/journal articles about military justice, and has published widely at Small Wars Journal, Lawfare, and MWI. He earned his law degree from The Ohio State University, his LL.M. from the Army’s JAG School (recipient of the award for best thesis), and his B.A. from James Madison University, where he was an Army ROTC Distinguished Military...

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Announcing MWI’s 2019–20 Scholars and Fellows

The Modern War Institute at West Point is pleased to announce its 2019–20 class of Adjunct Scholars and Non-Resident Fellows. Our call for applications for these programs attracted the a wide range of impressive and talented applicants, and we extend our sincere thanks to all who applied. Among the many qualified individuals we considered, those we selected stood out for their quality work and commitment to advancing our understanding of issues related to modern war. This year we have also elevated three individuals to Senior Fellows, in recognition of their many and ongoing contributions to MWI’s mission. With a...

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Experts Weigh in on the Most Pressing Questions about Civ-Mil Relations in the United States

“Ripped from the headlines,” the number of challenges facing military and civilian leaders in the US national security establishment are diverse, are global, and run the gamut from tactical to strategic. Iran’s nuclear program and allegations of attacks on civilian shipping in the Gulf of Oman. Russia’s exploitation of gaps in US and state democratic processes. China’s island-engineering and “lawfare” in the South China Sea. Boko Haram in Nigeria. The self-proclaimed Islamic State in the Sahel. North Korea’s uncertain belligerence. The ongoing legal challenges to the ban of transgender persons from military service. Growing numbers of retired general and flag officers publicly condemning the moral authority and competence of the commander-in-chief. A significant number of unconfirmed acting...

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Class of 2006 War Studies Conference – November 2018

Class of 2006 War Studies Conference Potential Disruptors of the ‘American Way of War’ The Modern War Institute hosted its third annual Class of 2006 War Studies Conference in November 2018. Over three days at the United States Military Academy at West Point, the conference brought together distinguished representatives from the private sector, government, academia, the think-tank community, and the joint military services to debate and discuss issues related to modern war and warfare. This year’s conference explored the issue of next-generation warfare and potential disruptors to the “American way of war.” On this page, you can find videos of keynote speakers and panel discussions, links to the conference program and post-conference report, detailed descriptions of each of the conference’s five panel discussions, and a list of conference participants. Official Conference Registration Book Click to view Official Conference Report Click to view Conference Videos Keynote Addresses Emerging Technologies and Megatrends Affecting Military Effectiveness Speakers Assistant Secretary of the Army Bruce Jette Former Assistant Attorney General for National Security John Carlin Moderator Dr. Nina Kollars, US Naval War College Click to watch Can ‘Deep Thinking’ Defeat Tomorrow’s Adversaries? Speaker Garry Kasparov Moderator Mr. Nicholas Schmidle, The New Yorker Click to watch How Geography Will Reshape Great Power Conflictn Speaker Mr. Robert Kaplan, author of The Revenge of Geography Moderator Mr. Jonathan Tepperman, Foreign Policy Click to watch Spurring Innovation between the...

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