Author: John Amble

MWI Podcast: Capt. Natalie Mallue on Her Ranger School Experience

In this episode of the MWI podcast, MWI editorial director John Amble had a chance to sit down and speak to US Army Capt. Natalie Mallue. In April, Capt. Mallue and another officer became the sixth and seventh women to graduate from Ranger School. She speaks about her experiences during the grueling course, her preparation for it, and the support she received from her chain of command when she told them she wanted to challenge herself by attending the school. She also has some advice for future Ranger School students. In fact, those future students were a motivating factor...

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So You Think the Army Can Avoid Fighting in Megacities

“The Army will never need to fight in a megacity.” Over the past few months, MWI has published several articles exploring combat in megacities and examining the Army’s preparation for such an operating environment. The response these articles have produced has brought into the open a debate—ongoing and almost shockingly intense—not about whether the Army is prepared for the unique complexities of dense, urban terrain, but about whether there would ever be a reason for the Army to even consider entering a megacity. A not insignificant minority—including some very smart and experienced people—has voiced some variation of the opinion...

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MWI Podcast: Physical Fitness and National Security with Lt. Gen. (Ret) Mark Hertling

In this episode of the Modern War Institute podcast, MWI editorial director John Amble speaks to retired Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling. After a thirty-seven-year career in the US Army, including his final assignment as commanding general of US Army Europe, Hertling retired and was appointed by President Barack Obama to the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition. He visited West Point to speak to cadets and faculty about the risk to military readiness and national security posed by declining American physical fitness. Afterward, he continued the conversation on the MWI podcast. The intuitive case to be made, Hertling...

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MWI Podcast: Robots, Artificial Intelligence, and the Future of War

Editor’s note: Special thanks to the US Army’s Mad Scientist initiative, a program of the Army’s Training and Doctrine Command, for partnering with MWI to make this podcast happen in conjunction with their recent conference on robotics, AI, and autonomy. Follow Mad Scientist on twitter, @ArmyMadSci, and check out their APAN page.   In this episode of the Modern War Institute podcast, MWI editorial director John Amble speaks to two guests on a range of topics related to the future of war. Maj. Jen Snow is a US Air Force officer currently assigned to SOFWERX and the Donovan Group,...

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