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Video: Dr. Phillip Karber Explains Russian Operations in Ukraine

What is Russia really up to in Ukraine? That was the question addressed during a recent event at West Point by Dr. Phillip Karber, president of the Potomac Foundation. Dr. Karber spoke to cadets and faculty about current Russian operations, the Kremlin’s ultimate objectives, and the implications for the United States of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. His observations are based on twenty-five trips to the region, including 177 days spent with Ukrainian forces on the front lines. Karber avoids the term “hybrid warfare” to describe Russian actions, he says, because it connotes only a narrow part of a much...

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MWI Videos: Our Most Watched Speakers

Editor’s note: We’re taking a week off from our War Books series and featuring the most watched videos of our recent speakers at MWI-hosted events. Enjoy!   The Modern War Institute regularly brings experts, practitioners, and other fascinating speakers to West Point to speak to cadets and faculty. We’ve recently begun posting videos of these events for those of you who have an interest in modern war but aren’t part of the local West Point community. Here are our most watched videos. Mash Gessen Discusses How to Read Vladimir Putin On October 21, 2016, Russian and American journalist Masha...

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Video: Alternative Tools of Diplomacy, with Dennis Rodman

What form does American influence on foreign governments—and populations—take in the absence of formal diplomatic relations? In at least one case, that of a controversial, tattooed former NBA all-star. Dennis Rodman’s multiple trips to North Korea attracted intense criticism. But are there lessons to be learned from his visits about unofficial, alternative forms of diplomacy? That was the central question in a March 3 panel discussion hosted by the Modern War Institute. In addition to Rodman, participants included former mixed martial artist Chris Volo, who represents Rodman as his agent and accompanied him to North Korea, and Dr. Joe...

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Military Fiction Writers Discuss Storytelling from the Frontline

Why fiction? The question was the focus of a writing panel hosted by the Modern War Institute on February 13. “Everything is possible,” was the answer given by Matt Gallagher, a former US Army captain and veteran of the Iraq War, whose debut novel, Youngblood, was published last year. “[As the author], you’re not limited by reality.” Gallagher was joined on the panel by award-winning author Phil Klay, whose 2014 collection of short stories, Redeployment, won the National Book Award for Fiction, and by August Cole, a non-resident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council and co-author of Ghost Fleet:...

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