NOTE: The deadline to apply for MWI’s Fellow and Adjunct Scholar programs has been extended to May 10, 2019.


The Modern War Institute (MWI) at West Point cordially invites all interested parties to submit applications for its Fellow and Adjunct Scholar programs.


The Modern War Institute is a research center at West Point devoted to the study of contemporary conflict. The institute conducts original and innovative research, convenes interdisciplinary panels, speaker series, and conferences, and educates the next generation of military leaders. MWI’s Fellow and Adjunct Scholar programs assemble some of the world’s top thinkers, scholars, and practitioners of modern war and warfare. The purpose of the program is to enhance the rigor of the institute’s research program, contribute to MWI publications, advise and participate in MWI programming and events, and assist in the development of West Point’s curricula.

Recent and ongoing research by our Fellows and Scholars includes a survey to measure cadets’ and junior officers’ understanding of military professionalism; an examination of volunteer brigades in the Baltics; and various projects that analyze urban warfare. We are looking for individuals who can carry out innovative and original research related to, but not limited to, one of the following issue areas: urban warfare, civil-military relations, lethality, asymmetric warfare, military innovation, grand/military strategy, and autonomous systems.

Each fall, MWI hosts its flagship War Studies Conference, which brings together a select group of military leaders, scholars, and policymakers at West Point to discuss an issue related to modern war at the strategic and operational level. Fellows and Scholars with expertise and interest in the theme of the conference will be invited to participate. The final product is an edited conference volume, coauthored by participants, published by a university press.

Program Description

The Adjunct Scholar position is highly competitive and open to senior scholars who have published widely in their fields, or previously served in the US military or government and whose research interests align with MWI’s mission statement of enhancing the West Point curricula and cadets’, the Army’s, and the nation’s understanding of modern warfare. A list of current Adjunct Scholars can be found here.

The Fellow position is open to rising scholars with a PhD or terminal degree, journalists, current or former members of the military, and other professions. We are recruiting from all ranks and professional backgrounds and seek a diverse pool of applicants. A list of current Fellows can be found here.

Scholars and Fellows are unpaid.


The purpose of the program is fourfold:

  1. To expand our ability to conduct rigorous research on modern war by tapping into the intellectual talents of the best and most original thinkers in their respective fields.
  2. To enhance our ability to carry out innovative programming, from speaker series to panel discussions, by allowing us to draw from a larger network of scholars, panelists, moderators, and guest lecturers.
  3. To build MWI’s presence in the wider military and foreign policy arenas beyond West Point as the primary source for information on modern war and warfare.
  4. To foster a community of scholars, analysts, journalists, and practitioners all devoted to the study of modern war.


Our Fellow and Adjunct Scholar programs are open to individuals of any age committed to the ideals of the institute and the US Army. Applicants do not need to be US citizens. Candidates should have an in-depth understanding of the contemporary battlefield, and should possess a deep background in military affairs, a theoretical and practical understanding of modern warfare, and some experience in the field. They should be senior professionals who have ideally published widely in their disciplines, whether it is a book, peer-reviewed research, or opinion essays in major publications. We value diversity and encourage professionals from all disciplines and backgrounds to apply.


Applicants selected for the Fellow and Adjunct Scholar program will be expected to:

  1. Generate new knowledge and contribute to ongoing debates broadly related to modern war by doing ONE of the following:
    • Contribute articles to MWI’s website at least twice annually as long as they remain affiliated with the Fellow or Adjunct Scholar program.
    • Publish at least one opinion essay related to modern warfare in a major publication, including their MWI affiliation in their taglines.
    • Author an original research project, analysis paper, or report related to one of MWI’s issue areas (e.g., a chapter in the War Studies Conference edited volume).
  2. Make at least one visit to campus to participate in MWI programming and engage in informal faculty discussions.
  3. During the visit to West Point, give one guest lecture to a Defense and Strategic Studies (DSS) course or other relevant course.
  4. Be available to serve as an external peer reviewer for MWI-sponsored research.
  5. Include their affiliation with the “Modern War Institute at West Point” in their taglines for publications, blogs, academic research, etc., broadly related to modern war.

Application Procedure

Applicants should send a CV, a published writing sample, and a one-page cover letter detailing three items: first, their relevant work and research experience; second, a proposed research project, panel idea related to their own expertise, or description of planned articles for MWI, including why it is militarily relevant and how it fits into MWI’s mission statement; and third, how the larger West Point community of cadets, faculty, and alumni would benefit from their scholarship and vice versa, how their research would benefit from West Point. CVs should be as concise as possible and include only relevant publications and work experience. Please send in PDF format with subject line “MWI Fellow Application” or “MWI Adjunct Scholar Application” to NLT than 5 p.m. EDT on Friday, May 10, 2019.