Preparing the Army to succeed in future conflict requires drawing on a diverse team of critical and creative thinkers with a variety of viewpoints. With this in mind, the Modern War Institute at West Point invites all interested parties to submit applications for its Fellowship Program.

This year, we have revamped the Fellowship Program to better reflect the contributions and expertise of our fellows and our goals for the program. We are still seeking talented applicants from a variety of backgrounds: military and national-security professionals, analysts, and academics, from the United States as well as its allies and partners. The only change is that we will no longer be accepting applications for adjunct scholars, and instead will prioritize the nonresident fellows program for practitioners and scholars with professional experience and interest in topics related to modern war. If you are not sure if the program is still a good fit for you, please reach out using the contact information below.

Background and Eligibility

The Modern War Institute is a research center at West Point devoted to the study of contemporary conflict and the evolving character of modern war. We publish original digital content, conduct innovative research, and convene interdisciplinary panels, speaker series, and conferences to educate leaders within the US Army, joint force, and defense and national-security communities. MWI’s Fellowship Program assembles accomplished and experienced thinkers, scholars, and practitioners of modern war. Its purpose is to enhance the rigor of the institute’s research program, contribute to MWI publications, and advise and participate in MWI programming and events.

In particular, we seek individuals who can carry out innovative and original research and help to advance discussions about the ethical design, generation, support, and application of landpower—as part of a broader, multi-domain system—in contemporary tactical, operational, and strategic environments. The MWI Fellowship Program is open to individuals of any age and citizenship who are committed to the ideals of the institute and the US Army. We seek participation from all ranks and professional backgrounds and seek a diverse pool of applicants. All positions are unpaid and accepted on a purely voluntary basis.


Nonresident fellows are professionals who seek an active but temporary relationship with MWI. These individuals should have general research interests and experiences that clearly relate to MWI’s mission, but do not need to have a specific research project in mind for the period of their fellowship. We are strongly committed to providing publication and mentorship opportunities for nonresident fellows. These fellows form the core of MWI’s community of scholars and practitioners.

All fellows contribute to MWI’s mission by expanding our ability to conduct rigorous research and offer relevant programming to cadets, by giving us the opportunity to amplify innovative voices, and by building MWI’s presence in the wider military and national-security arena beyond West Point. In addition to including the appropriate MWI affiliation in bylines for publications related to modern war, fellows should aim to do at least one of the following activities relevant to the MWI mission:

  1. Contribute articles, reviews, or reports for publication by MWI (at least one).
  2. Serve as a guest lecturer for a relevant lesson in a Defense and Strategic Studies course at West Point, or another relevant academic department.
  3. Participate as a panelist or audience member in MWI events, including our War Council series and the annual War Studies Conference.
  4. Serve as a peer reviewer for MWI-affiliated research.

MWI’s nonresident fellows form a cohort of individuals who study a variety of aspects related to modern war and defense, broadly defined. Relevant topics include but are not limited to civil-military relations; diversity, personnel, and recruitment; ethics, morality, and laws of war; great power competition; irregular and hybrid warfare; leader development; logistics; polar competition; strategy, operations, and tactics; technology and innovation; and urban warfare.

All nonresident fellows will serve a one-year term that begins on September 1, 2021. We will consider single-term renewals on a case-by-case basis.

Application Instructions

Applicants should send a CV, a published writing sample, and a one-page cover letter detailing three items: first, their relevant work and research experience; second, a proposed research or program agenda relevant to MWI’s mission; and third, how West Point and Army communities would benefit from their scholarship, as well as how their research would benefit from an affiliation with West Point. Applicants interested in polar security, irregular warfare, or urban conflict should indicate their ability to work closely with the directors of MWI’s programs focusing on these subjects.

Please send all items in PDF format with “MWI NRF Application” in the subject line to no later than 5 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, June 30, 2021. You may also contact us using this email address if you have any other questions about MWI or its programming.