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Guadalcanal in World War II: Conducting Multi-Domain Operations Before It Had a Name

On Friday, November 8, audiences around the United States saw Midway, a dramatization of the climactic World War II battle at sea between the United States and Imperial Japan from June 4 through June 7, 1942. One historical narrative suggests Midway was the decisive turning point of the Pacific Campaign. A turning point in the context of historical military operations can be generally defined as a point at which the strategic initiative had shifted decidedly from one opposing combatant to another, where victory was a foregone conclusion for the latter. In the context of the Battle of Midway, this...

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Dropping DIMEs: Leveraging All Elements of National Power on the Multi-Domain Battlefield

While the US Army continues to shift its focus from the stability operations that characterized America’s post-9/11 wars toward preparing for large-scale combat operations, our adversaries are working feverishly to ensure that the US military and those of our allies and partners will never be afforded the time or political capital to mass the combat power such operations would require. The Army’s emphasis on large-scale combat operations is built on an assumption that ground combat at scale remains a viable medium to achieve unconditional surrender against peer adversaries in the twenty-first century. However, since the unconditional surrenders of Germany...

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Putting the Enemy Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Multi-Domain Operations in Practice

The Army’s vision of how it will fight in the future rests on the notion of the “dilemma.” Multi-domain operations as a concept proposes that the joint force can achieve competitive advantage over a near-peer adversary by presenting multiple complementary threats that each require a response, thereby exposing adversary vulnerabilities to other threats. It is the artful combination of these multiple dilemmas, rather than a clear overmatch in terms of any particular capability, that produces the desired advantage. Over the last year, the 1st Infantry Division headquarters trained through a series of command post exercises where we attempted, as...

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Lessons for Tomorrow’s Multi-Domain Battlefield from the Pacific Campaign of World War II

Earlier this month, the world gave a tremendously deserving tribute to the brave servicemen who stepped foot into battle on the beaches of Normandy on June 6, 1944. This month also marks the seventy-fifth anniversary of another amphibious assault, half a world away from France: the US landings on Saipan on June 15, 1944. If Operation Overlord was the decisive operation of the European theater, Operation Forager—the Allied campaign to seize the Mariana islands from the Japanese—was the decisive campaign of the Pacific. The contest on land, at sea, and in the air—despite the passing of three-quarters of a...

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The Army Innovates Better than You Think: A Guide to Thinking about Multi-Domain Operations and Fighting Future Wars

Recently, the US Army has been developing a new vision of the future battlefield and how its forces will succeed there. Called Multi-Domain Operations (MDO), this new concept of warfare will enable the force to deal with future fights that span the land, air, maritime, space, and cyber domains. In many ways, MDO is a reaction to a decade of counterinsurgency (COIN) and its effects on the force. The contention is that the Army’s effectiveness at adapting to the threat of insurgency has dulled the skills required to face down a peer or near-peer competitor, like a rising China...

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