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Maintaining a Deep Bench: Why Armored BCT Rotations in Europe and Korea are Best for America’s Global Security Requirements

How do we meet regional security requirements, maintain the flexibility to respond to crises, and operate within very real constraints? That’s the question planners need to answer with respect to US armored brigade combat teams (ABCTs), and the debate now revolves around the relative merits of two models: rotational versus permanently stationed armored brigade combat teams in Korea and Europe. John R. Deni, a U.S. Army War College professor, argues in a forthcoming report for the Atlantic Council that forward-stationing an armored brigade combat team in Europe and another in Korea would cost less and provide more capability than...

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MWI and Army Cyber Institute Bring Modern War to Military Training

A patrol links up with a small special forces team and conducts a tactical movement to a position near a target village. They halt, and use virtual reality goggles loaded with photos taken clandestinely throughout the village by a local source—the patrol leader and his subordinate leaders are able to virtually walk through the entire village. Before initiating the raid that the patrol has been ordered to execute against a target building holding a group of enemy fighters, a soldier hacks into an security camera network in the village, giving the patrol control of each camera and obtaining the...

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North Korea’s ICBM and Breaking Twenty-First-Century Trench Warfare

What primary capability has each American adversary invested heavily in over the past decade? (Hint: it’s not better bayonets.) Standoff fires of all kinds. Russian long-range artillery. A Chinese carrier-killing missile. Iranian short- and medium-range strike capabilities. And most prominently, the North Korean intercontinental ballistic missile. Why? They intend to use these fires as a tactical stiff-arm to induce distant stalemate—to hold America’s global power projection at bay so they can achieve regional objectives. While most observers likely see this trend as negative, there is a bright spot: if everyone’s doing it, then everyone’s got relatively similar vulnerabilities. So...

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Objective Metropolis: The Future of Dense Urban Operational Environments

As the global population evolves toward a denser, more urban-centric environment, the battlefield landscape will likely follow suit.  Where the US armed forces of the twenty-first century once militarily dominated the rural landscapes of Afghanistan and the deserts of Iraq, the fight for military objectives will increasingly focus on population centers in the decades to come.  Of course, urban operations are not new to the US soldier or Marine.  Brave Americans have fought valiantly from the Battle of Hue City in Vietnam to Mosul in the ongoing fight against ISIL.  However, the cities of tomorrow will present new challenges...

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So You Think the Army Can Avoid Fighting in Megacities

“The Army will never need to fight in a megacity.” Over the past few months, MWI has published several articles exploring combat in megacities and examining the Army’s preparation for such an operating environment. The response these articles have produced has brought into the open a debate—ongoing and almost shockingly intense—not about whether the Army is prepared for the unique complexities of dense, urban terrain, but about whether there would ever be a reason for the Army to even consider entering a megacity. A not insignificant minority—including some very smart and experienced people—has voiced some variation of the opinion...

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