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Heavyweights on the Battlefield: Why the US Army Will Need its Largest Armored Vehicles in the Next War

The US Army has a preference for large, heavily armored vehicles. A recent article published by MWI is correct in making that claim. The article is also correct that the US Army’s armored force faces several challenges. But the recommendations prescribed by Capt. Brandon Morgan, the article’s author—which center largely around transitioning to smaller tanks—are based on a misdiagnosis of some of the fundamental aspects of those challenges. In fact, those recommendations would create even more issues. Morgan frames his argument within the context of the past few decades, arguing that while our heavy Abrams tanks and Bradley infantry...

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Four Problems Army Futures Command Needs to Solve

The US Army’s announcement in October 2017 that it would form the Army Futures Command (AFC)—the “biggest reorganization in the Army since 1973”—was an acknowledgement of the need for significant institutional support to overcome innovation hurdles within the military. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley chose a permanent four-star command to manage this effort, instead of ad-hoc initiatives, because of the need to dedicate a single organization to “streamline and consolidate, and bring unity of command and purpose to the Army for the development of our future capabilities.” As AFC expands and supplements its cross-functional teams (CFTs), it...

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Light, Mobile, and Many: Rethinking the Future of Armor

Since victory in World War II, the United States Army has leveraged the nation’s economic prowess to invest in increasingly heavy, technologically complex combat platforms. Our appetite for armor is clear, and comes from the belief that maximum protection, firepower, and technology, combined with the cognitive skill of the all-volunteer force, will produce the most supreme mechanized units on the battlefield. During Operations Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom, and portions of Operation Enduring Freedom, this concept proved valid, as American Abrams tanks, Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, and later Stryker armored fighting vehicles twice devastated Saddam Hussein’s army and helped...

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MWI’s Top 18 Articles of 2018

We’ve seen 2018 through to a close and welcomed in 2019, which makes it a great time to look back at the top articles we’ve published at MWI in the past year. It was a great twelve months for us, and we’re deeply appreciative of all of the readers who have read, discussed, and shared the content we work hard to produce. We’re also grateful to all of the authors who have sought out MWI to publish their original, insightful, and thought-provoking work. One of the challenges we have is conceptualizing our area of focus. After all, what, exactly,...

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On Trust and Leadership

Mission command is fundamental to the way we, in the Army, fight. It is rooted deeply in our Army doctrine and it is how we expect commanders to command and lead. The first principle of mission command is “Build cohesive teams through mutual trust.” Whether that trust is developed—consistently, and to the degree and in the places necessary to enable effective mission command—might be an uncomfortable question. But it is one our Army needs to ask as we seek to create cross-domain synergy in multi-domain operations. In May 2017, the Army News Service published an article titled “Future warfare...

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