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Army of Coders: Training the Force for the Multi-domain Fight

It is perhaps axiomatic, and thus seemingly unnecessary, to say that computers have transformed modern war. But they have in ways both large and small; they have, for example, become deeply integrated with the full range of Army operations—part of a broader convergence of domains and thus part of a pattern that has led to the development of the multi-domain battle concept. The problem, however, is that military technology training has failed to keep pace with rapidly growing capabilities. The result is that despite expanding digital footprints, most soldiers might as well be using typewriters, analog telephones, and chalkboards...

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Ulysses S. Grant, Command and Control, and the Multi-Domain Battlespace of the Future

The Art of War is simple enough. Find out where your enemy is. Get at him as soon as you can. Strike him as hard as you can, and then move on. — General Ulysses S. Grant   With the perspective of more than one hundred years of history, U.S. Grant was much more than the commanding general of the US Army at the end of the Civil War and later president of the United States. Those who have read his memoirs know that he deeply understood the nature of war and the ability, as the quote above shows,...

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The Multi-Domain Battlefield of Guadalcanal

Sweat-drenched, sleep-deprived, and weakened by a paltry diet, a US soldier dives for cover as an enemy fighter sweeps overhead, cannons blazing, its 500-pound cargo ready to blast men and material skyhigh. US fighters chase the aircraft but cannot stop the enemy from wreaking havoc below. Meanwhile, not too far away, a Marine traverses his machine gun to the final protective line against an overwhelming foe, hanging on to the hope that enemy warships pummeling the ground around him with flaming steel don’t find their intended mark, and that the US Navy will finally do something about the nonstop...

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Accelerating Multi-Domain Operations: Evolution of an Idea

Multi-Domain Battle has a clear origin. Stemming from the idea that disruptive technologies will change the character of warfare, it recognizes that the way armies will fight and win wars will also change. It also reflects the desire to replicate the success of AirLand Battle, which is arguably the most significant case of developing a concept and then materializing capabilities across the DOTMLPF spectrum (Doctrine, Organization, Training, Material, Leadership Education, Personnel, and Facilities). Origin stories establish the foundation from which lasting ideas emerge. However, for ideas to have a lasting impact they must evolve. For Multi-Domain Battle there are...

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Soldier Swarm: New Ground Combat Tactics for the Era of Multi-Domain Battle

Just to survive, our formations, whatever the wire diagram looks like, will likely have to be small. They will have to move constantly. They will have to aggregate and disaggregate rapidly. – General Mark A. Milley, Army Chief of Staff   When the US military prepares to fight its next major war, it won’t be planning to fight the insurgents it has faced over the last fifteen years. As China and Russia begin to aggressively project their military might and revisionist ideas, the Pentagon must develop operational concepts aimed at outpacing technologically sophisticated nation-states. In fact, the alarming reality...

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