Senior Digital Textbook Editor

Sgt. 1st Class Chase Stoner is a Special Forces Intelligence Sergeant (18F) assigned to the United States Military Academy’s Department of Military Instruction. He teaches Military Science 100, is the non-commissioned officer in charge for the USMA Pre-Combat Diver program, and is an advisor to the USMA Combat Weapons Team.

Sgt 1st. Class Stoner graduated the Special Forces Qualification Course in 2007 and served nine years in 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne). He served as a Weapons Sergeant and later an Intelligence Sergeant on ODA 5315 (Combat Dive). He conducted operations alongside Iraqi Special Operations Forces in Mosul, Iraq, the Iraqi Emergency Response Battalion in Tikrit, Iraq, and Afghan Local Police (ALP) in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. He has also deployed to numerous other countries in the Central Command Area of Responsibility.