Affiliated Faculty


Dr. Todd Davidson is an assistant professor within the Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering at the United States Military Academy. Dr. Davidson’s work focuses on the technical, financial, security, and policy challenges related to energy systems, including transportation, energy storage, renewable resources, water, food, and oil and gas. His work has included managing the efforts of large research teams, as well as teaching and mentoring hundreds of undergraduate and graduate students.

Dr. Davidson’s work has been published in numerous peer-reviewed journals, including Applied Energy, Desalination, Environmental Research Letters, and the Journal of Turbomachinery for which he was awarded best paper in 2012. He has also authored publications in national outlets, including Fortune, TheHill, Forbes, ASME Magazine, Bloomberg, and The Conversation. Dr. Davidson has been called upon as an expert to advise the Texas General Land Office, has been interviewed by national media, including NPR’s Marketplace and The New York Times, and testified before the Committee of Agriculture, Water & Rural Affairs of the Texas State Senate.

Before joining academia, Dr. Davidson was the CEO & co-founder of nCarbon, Inc., a startup focused on the development of advanced batteries for automotive applications. He started his career as a systems engineer working for Raytheon where he worked on four different missile defense products. Dr. Davidson currently holds an affiliated research position with the Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. He is also a Partner with IdeaSmiths, LLC, a consulting firm providing expertise in analyzing energy systems. Dr. Davidson holds a BS in engineering science from Trinity University and an MS and PhD in mechanical engineering from UT Austin.